The Practices

AuthorPeter Jamadar/Elron Elahie/Richard Jamadar
Mindfulness, as Intentional Awarenessing, in the Four Quadrants
The practice involved two components, broken into two discrete practices. Richard
Jamadar, also one of the researchers in this project, was instrumental in refining the
details of these practices, drawing on his long practical and intellectual involvement with
Buddhism. The first component was intentionality. Built into both practices was a step to
cultivate the setting of intent, of an aim or orientation to direct the mind and will during
the actual awarnessing aspect of the practices. The second component was awarnessing.
Both practices involved specific instructions on how to pay attention in a particular way,
on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally, but each with a different focus
of attention. In one practice, the focus was internal, inside the individual, and in the other
it was external, on outside phenomena. These different foci were deliberately designed
in order to accustom and habituate the participants’ minds to awarnessing Wilber’s
‘inside’ and ‘outside’ dimensions, and so prepare for the four-quadrant Intentional
Awarenessing that we actually wanted to test in the courtrooms. There were also general
preparatory instructions, referred to as ‘pre-practice’. Thus, the practices can be thought
of as Intentional Awarenessing conditioning events/experiences/exercises that we wanted

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