Open Ended Inquiries About the Practices and Their Impact

AuthorPeter Jamadar/Elron Elahie/Richard Jamadar
The exit survey concluded with four general open-ended questions around practice
impact, implications, and interest. These responses reflect what may be described as an
overall experience of usefulness and utility as a result of practicing Intentional
Awarenessing. The questions were as follows:
a) How has the practice of Mindfulness impacted you in your work environment?
b) How has the practice of Mindfulness impacted you in your non-work
c) Having practiced Mindfulness, are there any other thoughts, feelings or insights
that you would like to share?
d) Would you (i) continue practicing Mindfulness? (ii) like to learn about more ways
to engage Mindfulness? and (iii) recommend the practice of Mindfulness to
In response to the inquiry about impact in the work environment, 13 responses were
received, as follows:
- It has helped me to be more focused in my thoughts.
- The practice has increased my alertness to the fact that the mind easily focuses on what the
person as an individual believes. It is important to be aware of this and open to other
- It has made me much more aware of the impact of what I think and feel on what I do, and
the impact that has on the judicial process.
- I am generally more accepting of all the factors outside of my control.
- I am more aware of my physical environment and how my presence may affect others.
- It has also improved ability to focus.
- I find that I am less anxious about the volume of work or the outcome of the cases and that
I can trust judgment (including my instincts) more.
- The practice has me paying careful attention to how I use my energy during the workday.
I am also more aware of my health and mental clarity.
- Increased in awareness of how verbal, non-verbal communication, thoughts, and actions
can influence how I perform my duties and affect those around.

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