Court Performance Standards

AuthorPeter Jamadar/Elron Elahie/Richard Jamadar
What we Measure Matters
The International Framework for Court Excellence 2012 and the Global Measures of
Court Performance 2020, outline eleven core performance measures that ‘have been
adopted and adapted in various ways by many courts and court systems...’27 Court
Performance Measurement and Management (PMM) is defined as the discipline and
the process of monitoring, analysing, and using organizational performance data…for
the purposes of improvements in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, in
transparency and accountability, and in public trust and confidence in courts and the
justice system.28 The intention and purpose of PMM is as ‘an effective, practical tool that
helps organizations get results that focus on mission and goals.’29 Indeed, PMM fits well
into a broad vision of judicial leadership of self-governed, well managed, effective, and
operationally efficient courts.30 Ultimately performance matters, and therefore counting
(measuring) what counts also matters. The end game is public trust and confidence: ‘court
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2020.pdf> accessed 06 July 2021
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