AuthorPeter Jamadar/Elron Elahie/Richard Jamadar
Judicial officers were first asked to complete an entrance survey before engaging in any
of the mindfulness (Intentional Awarenessing) practices. All judicial officers of the
Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago were invited to participate, with a target
of twenty being assigned. This target was met.
After completing this initial (baseline) questionnaire, the twenty judicial officers were
then sent the mindfulness (Intentional Awarenessing) practices, described above, to be
engaged. As explained, twice daily for twenty-seven days, these judicial officers were to
dedicate 15 minutes to these practices. Intermittent reminders were sent over the 27-day
period so that judicial officers would be prompted and encouraged to do the practices.
Upon the end of the 27-day practice period, the participating judicial officers were sent
an exit survey. This exit survey contained the same questions as the entrance survey, and
a few additional questions that assessed their experiences of the practices. These two

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